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Jacqueline Thomas

Vice President, Corporate Responsibility | Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc.


Jacqueline M. Thomas is the vice president of corporate responsibility at Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Working as an agent of change and facilitating discussions across the company, Ms. Thomas is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership for multiple Toyota departments, including enterprise risk management, internal audit, compliance, and EH&S.

Ms. Thomas began her career working in internal audit in the oil and gas industry. She joined Toyota Motor Sales in 1999 as a financial projects manager and later was promoted to internal audit director and subsequently elevated to chief audit executive in 2004. In August 2011, Ms. Thomas took on a new challenge as vice president of corporate responsibility. Always passionate about sustaining and growing the organization through its core values, she is now focused on advancing the culture of Toyota Motor Sales to the next level.

Attributing her success to building high performance teams and having the courage to diplomatically influence organizations to consider different alternatives, Ms. Thomas’s future goals include expanding the initiatives of Toyota’s corporate responsibility program across North America and globally. She also aspires to continue a personal legacy of enabling excellence in others.

Ms. Thomas has been a previous panelist discussing diversity issues and has been selected for the prestigious KPMG Women’s Leadership Institute Program. She also volunteers her time in various community programs. A first-generation American born to Cuban immigrants, Ms. Thomas strives to make her parents proud every day. Ms. Thomas realizes her parents’ sacrifice to leave their familiar surroundings of their native country required a great deal of courage. She learned early how valuable it was to preserve the qualities of freedom and the ability to express your personal opinion no matter how difficult the circumstances.

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